Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent Candle

So what do you do when you're a British 17 year old who is approaching 'adult hood', applying for university, trying to finish up A-levels and work as a part-time Sales Assistant all whilst wanting to  spend the majority of your time taking photos and writing about them?
Simple, create a blog.

My name is Emily D.M Robinson. Most people call me Emily, and if they know me well enough, some even shorten that to 'Em'. I live on the South East coast of England, in the same house I have resided in since I was born, and my passion in life is taking photographs.

I have of course, wanted to be many things whilst turning into the person I am today. At first my choice of career was to be a veterinary surgeon, even going so far as to choose the house in which me and my best friend would open our own business. Then of course it occurred to us that this was a career that involved intelligence, and sticking your hand up a cows bottom.
I then moved on to wanting to be a writer,  a love I admit I have had since I was first given a pen, but something I only considered as a career when I turned 13. As a person, I am very much a story teller. My mother will be the first to tell you I never shut up, and when divulging on the days events, instead of talking for the standard five minutes I can go on for novel-worthy lengths of time. But as puberty took place, and life got the tiniest bit tougher, I began to turn to something other than fiction for comfort. I found it in Art, and not just any art form, but photography.

Photography is story telling, it is comforting, and it gives me everything I need to just feel like I'm doing something I'm good at. It sounds so cliché, and I'm pretty sure you can find people saying something similar on instagram when they take a filtered picture of there Nando's and add the 'art' tag to it. But I truly feel that way. You can freeze a moment with photography, that nano-second you've captured is never going to happen again. Take William Klein's 1958 Vogue cover of a woman smoking in black and white. A hipsters dream shot. That photo can provoke so much. The woman is looking off into the distance, she's distracted,  or perhaps simply careless. What her eyes are focused on is a mystery, added to by the veil covering her face. Her attire and attitude leads us to believe she is the epitome of a high-maintenance 1950's woman, but then you look at her lips, and what is in her hand. Yes, it's a cigarette, and yes, smoking was extremely fashionable. However the lack of cigarette holder... unheard of. That simple detail gives the photograph a whole new depth. It's breaking the boundaries, and Klein is expressing himself through a lens and a roll of film, because no-one can tell him not to.

So photojournalism is what has brought me here. Will this blog be successful? I doubt it. But knowing I'm working towards something that I dream of being able to call a career makes it worth it.

Merry Christmas.
Advent Candle - EDM Robinson
300 Polaroid
December 2012

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