Saturday, 23 November 2013

Camping In East Sussex (Part 8)

Our final stop on our mini trip was into the town of Hastings. Hastings may have become one of my favourite places in England. It just has everything you want in a seaside town. If you ever want to go on a really stereotypical trip to a British beach, go to Hastings.

The Jerwood Gallery was an amazing gallery, the particular exhibit I went to see was a display of Jeffrey Camp's work. His work really reminded me of Van Gogh's with Jeffrey's own unique element thrown in to every one of his paintings. I also may have done a bit too much shopping in Hastings, in fact I almost bought a bike but my mum spent a long time convincing me it wouldn't fit in the van.

So that's it, East Sussex I miss you, and hopefully I will see you again some time soon.

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