Saturday, 30 November 2013

I Miss Kearsney Abbey

Kearsney Abbey is one of my favourite places in the world, and way back in August when it came to celebrating my mum's rather significant birthday (she would kill me if I told you why it was significant) we wanted to take her somewhere that seemed to hold a special place in my whole families heart.

My mum hates surprises. So naturally, we didn't tell her where we were going, or who was going to be there, or just what the hell was going on in general. She was surprised by the sight of all her favourite people waiting for her with a picnic fit for a king. It's safe to say her hatred of surprises dampened slightly.

We like to think we're an athletic family (we are really REALLY not) so we tried to play football (failed), tried to play Frisbee (failed), and tried to play rounders, and I may have broken my toe. This is why I don't do exercise, even rounders is a dangerous sport for me. (Rounders Tip: Don't take your shoes off so you can run better, you WILL kick the rounders post, and it WILL hurt.)

 Oh, and if you ever want anyone to make a personality based cake, ask my aunties, they are pro's.

So Kearsney Abbey, I hope to see you again soon, I miss you very much. 

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